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10 Crucial Decisions You Need to Make Before You Turn 28

Age 28 is widely regarded as the age at which women are at their happiest. According to a report carried out by home hair color brand, Clairol Perfect 10 on 4,000 women, “The age of 28 has been pinpointed as the time in a woman’s life their hair looks the best, body shape is at its peak and confidence is at an all-time high.” Several reports online also stated that crucial decisions made at this age will go a long way in determining how a man or woman life turns out to be in later years. Every age counts but the significance of age 28 can never be overstated; it is the perfect age where both young men and women need to make several key decisions about their lives.

This post is my take on the 10 crucial decisions we need to make before we turn 28. Enjoy!

1. Determine Your Life Purpose

What do you live for? Where are you going? What motivates you to keep going? Deciding on your purpose in life is arguably the most important decision you will make at age 28. A lot of time, we struggle to pinpoint what we intend to do with our lives; we are continually swayed by life occurrences and we want to be in different places all at the same time. At age 28, you should have a clear picture of your life and map out your life aspirations, goals and objective and also set up plans to achieve those goals.

2. Financial Decision

Money they say makes the world go round; the choice you make on how you earn and spend your money will determine whether you will be in abundance or live in abject poverty. You might be thinking that the most crucial financial decision is your career path because this is what will determine how much income you’ll take home each pay day. However, unleashing your financial genius will take you places where you will find something that will secure you financially without having to worry whether you are making enough income from your chosen career or not. You will decide which business you need to invest in and how much should go into that or if savings will be better for you. You will also decide if to get insured or not and which one suits you best.

3. Choose Your Career

Researches have shown that age 28 is the perfect age when most young adults decide on what they want to do with their lives. With little or zero years of experience as a fresh graduate or recently graduated, you will be often stuck with the choice of what to do to make a living. You have the options of getting a job that perfectly flows with your passion and interest and some other time, you might want to choose the entrepreneurship path. Regardless of the decision you make, you have to put some of these points into mind.

※Reputation will earn you everything, stay true to your words and what you stand for. Cutting corners will only cut short your newly budding career before you even realize the damages you have incurred on yourself.

※Donot dwell in past glory. It’s true that you have some outstanding achievements to your name; you were the captain of your team, you were the best graduating student in your set. Fine but not enough. Only a few are intrigued by your past achievements, a lot are interested in what you are doing presently and what you can bring to the table.

※That leads us to the next point; invest in your career. Decide whether obtaining a higher degree or going for certification is the best for you. Whatever you do, just keep it in mind that there is always a room for an improvement. Invest in books, go for short courses, and attend seminars. A lot of not-too-costly courses are available on different online platforms and you can be lucky to get numerous outstanding ones free of choice. YouTube is your best bet for this!

4. Relationship

Arguably one of the toughest decisions to make as a 28-year-old; contrary to what you think, the relationship you have with yourself is the most significant out of them all. You have to love yourself, choose to be happy and decide that you really deserve good things mother earth has to offer. After that is the choice of whether to marry or stay single, have children or not to. Relationship with other family, friends, and colleagues is also important. Choose wisely!

5. Circle or Clique

Closely related to a relationship but entirely different; at this period of your life, it is best to choose your circles; who do you want to live or associate with? How many of your college mates are worth keeping in your circle? Remember, who you follow decides what follows you!

6. Choice of Residence

On average, a lot of young men leave home below the age of 28. Whether you still live with your parents or stay with friends on a temporary basis, deciding where to call your residence is essential. Where most people choose to live is often decided by what they do and where their job/business is located. Which location is best suited to what you do? Find an apartment that is both comfortable and affordable to you and decide the number of years you wish to stay there or if you fancy making it your eternal abode.

7. Value Your Time

Have a conscious understanding that every minute of your life counts. This will help you to better manage it. At this point in your life, you need to choose to spend every bit of your life doing what you love; things that are in sync with your purpose and life ambitions. In addition, you should let everyone that comes across your time know how precious your time is to you. Stop spending it with the wrong people.

8. Hold Yourself Responsible

At 28, you should decide to let go of the blame game. Hold yourself accountable of whatever happens to your life. Stop blaming others when things don’t go your way. You must decide to be mature enough to take responsibility for your actions and inactions

9. Prioritize Your Health

At this period of your life when you have fully transformed into an adult – as a lady, or newly married or a nursing mother already. You have reached the peak of your beauty; you have a perfect body shape. How you manage your health will determine how long you stay away from aging. As a young man, your muscles are fully developed; Now is the best time to pay maximum attention to your health. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and don’t wait till you fall sick before you go for checkup. Shun heavy drinking and smoking. Stay away from junkies, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and before I forget, drink water, a lot of it

10. Keep Improving

Lastly, chose to keep improving on every aspect of your life, most especially those aforementioned points. No matter what you know or how good you are, there will always be a room for an improvement. Keep learning; it is a never-ending process!

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    • moveinbliss

      Yes, but don’t be pressured. These are just guidelines for us think about. No one is rushing anyone. Just be content with your life pace but at the same time, don’t be complacent.

    • moveinbliss

      Come back to this post and feedback if it stands true 😀 and share if you have something to add. Thanks for reading.

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