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10 Ways to Eliminate Drama in Your Life | Moving in Bliss

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Life is full of drama, no doubt about that. On many occasions you find people; family, friends, colleagues blow things out of proportion and you begin to question yourself if you have said or done the stupidest thing. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Only a tiny fragment of the world population can boast of totally staying out of all forms of drama. Sometimes, drama adds a little bit of spice in this monotonous life. However, if you think your life is drowning out of drama, I’ve listed of 10 ways you can minimize if not totally eliminate them in your life.

1. Stop Making Assumption 

A lot of drama ensues with making a miscommunication or no communication in entirety. No matter how sound or intelligent you can be, you can’t know everything at all times. When something bothers you or someone annoys you, try to find out the reasons they acted the way they did. If you cannot reach a reasonable conclusion, take a bolder step, ask them the reasons for their actions. Don’t speculate; don’t assume you know when you don’t. Studies have shown that most of our assumptions are wrong. Give others the benefit of doubt, make excuses for them. By doing this, you will be eliminating drama in your life

2. Communicate with Honesty

In the midst of drama, you may think to keep silent will help to quench the fire but you may also stand the chance of being misunderstood. Sometimes people misinterpret your silence for arrogance and surprisingly you are fueling the drama indirectly. When you have open and honest communication, you give others the chance to learn from your perspective. Trying to eliminate drama by rendering false supports for others opinion or through flattery will do more harm than good. Don’t tell lies to cover or prevent drama, chances are high that you will be found out and when this happens, your relationship is at stake, a bigger drama will be inevitable.

3. Don’t Give Unsolicited Advice

You may think you know what is best for everyone around you; you have been with them for a long time to know just exactly the next step to take at every facet of their lives. I bet you don’t! Never give advice unless you are asked, and even when asked, don’t force your opinion on them. Give advice but leave them to make their choices. It will save you from all drama that comes with ‘Know-It-All’ attitude.

4. You Cannot Fix It All

Yes, you are caring; you struggle to watch your friends and lovers struggle over something. But know that just like every other person, you have limitations; you cannot fix it all. Learn to mind your business, you were not sent to mother earth to solve everybody’s problem. Sometimes you have to take the back seat and let people take care of their own shit.

5. Learn to Say ‘No’ and Mean It

Now, this is a little tricky. Most time, other will invite you to stick your nose in their affairs or ask you for advice knowing full well that past occurrences had degenerated into drama, learn to say ‘no’ and mean it. Let them know how much you value their relationship with you as well as how much effect their past drama had on you. Let them know you desire to keep them in your life but to achieve that, they need to keep their drama to themselves.

6. Embrace the Lessons

We are often caught in the web of unavoidable drama; drama at work, home or while out catching fun. Rather than sulking over it or trying to erase the memory or pretend it never happened, embrace it for the lesson learned. This will better prepare you to handle it more adequately whenever it surfaces again.

7. Be Compassionate

Many of life drama is as a result of your reactions to matters. You should know that our world is filled with different problems and occasionally, people need to vent their anger. When you are at the receiving end of the drama, rather than fire back, you can choose to ho compassion. You may not be able to solve their problems but at the very least, you can ho concern, show them the care that has eluded them for long. This really works like magic. By the time you have successfully avoided their drama, there are chances that they will come to their senses and the mature one among them may end up tending their apologies and appreciating you the more.

8. Just Listen

In addition to #3 and #7, occasionally, friends and family desperately need someone they can pour their mind to, which reliefs them of their burdens. At this critical moment of their lives, they only crave for a listening ear. Paying full attention to their plight will go a long way to soothe them than you trying to provide feedback. Just listen!

9. Get Rid Of Gossip(s)

The urge to talk about other sounds too tempting for many people to ignore. You have to draw a line between healthy gist and gossip. If your relationship with someone only thrives on gossip about others, you need to take a tock of that relationship. It may be in your best interest to get rid of it before it lands you in a serious problem. You don’t have to believe all that you heard from others about people or even you have not witnessed yourself. Although it might not be lies in its entirety, know that truth tends to degenerate from one person to another. To eliminate your life drama, shun gossip and avoid the chronic gossips as much as possible.


10. Free Your Mind

The aftermath of drama especially with people you love always leave a bitter pill in our mouth. You may be caught blaming yourself for participating in the drama and question why it happened in the first place. It is good to reflect on your actions but it becomes unproductive when you dwell too much on it.


No one enjoys an incessant drama in their lives regardless of the attention it garners to them. Understand what fuels drama, the role you play in it and how to prevent drama from others from getting too much to you. Eliminate your life drama, enjoy a better living!

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