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About Me

⚜While reading my blog posts you might think that I’m too idealistic and sometimes, unrealistic. To that, I agree. I am usually idealistic, yes. But never a perfectionist. I believe that we are all flawed individuals and we just have to accept that. Ain’t it magical when we find people who love us for us in spite and/or because of our imperfections?

⚜I try my best to act nice toward other people not because I want them to like me, but because I believe that every human being deserves respect. Just because we are imperfect individuals doesn’t mean we have to make it as an excuse for the things we do to harm others, especially ourselves.

🦋All advice written here are also the advice I tell myself. I am not a master of a blissful life but I try to train my mind to be positive at all times. Sometimes I fail to be positive because I would occasionally have a sudden burst of doubt and disbelief in my potentials.

🧚🏼‍♀️It’s why I’m keeping this blog — to keep myself in check. Write something that I would want myself to be reminded of.

🦋I hope you find something here that would help you live a more blissful life. Happy reading!

what you want
trapped emotions
start casting those steps
bumps along the way
throbbing pain
time does not heal
too much hurt numbs the heart
lingering memory
Malaya nga ba
if people can't tell you
I will always choose to love you
i love you no more
great love and compromise
I didn't fall in love with you lost

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