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Don’t Take Things Too Personally

Do you have a colleague who would always scream at you for very petty reasons? Or that store lady who frowns and murmurs under her breath some bad words because you did not give the exact amount? Or maybe your Tita who is always bugging you when you are going to marry or insisting that you should marry soon because you’re getting old already? All of us have encountered these kinds of irritating situations. Most of the time, we would feel upset and have that urgency to get back at them with equally (if not more) nasty remarks. But hey, take things easy. Maybe you have heard this, but I’ll say it again. It’s not entirely about you.

We love to think the world revolves around us and that everyone and everything is about us, and that’s not true! We tend to take things too personally, too quickly and hurt ourselves in the process.

A lot of times, the things people do, say or think have absolutely nothing to do with us. As much as we would love to be always at the center, we shouldn’t! Because it isn’t just about us.

Mastering the art of not taking things too personally is essential to keep a healthy, mentally stable life. Otherwise, our lives will just be an endless spiral of drama.

1.“This isn’t my problem”

Although it might sound a bit egocentric and wrong, sometimes we need to stop ourselves from getting way too affected by the situation. To feel stirred and upset is totally natural at first, but try to choose not to magnify the situation. If you ever find yourself wanting to get even to protect your hurt ego, take a step back and simply tell yourself “This isn’t my problem. I don’t want this to get into me”, walk away, and continue your life in peace.

2. Learn how to forgive and forget.

I want to omit this part because I, too, am figuring out how to practice this. I will not say more about this, because I don’t want to hear my hypocritical voice. LOL! But, in theory, this will make you feel lighter.

3. Take time to reflect.

Maybe there’s really something wrong with you but are just too proud to admit it. It’s time to examine yourself instead of just thinking negatively against other people.

Maybe other people’s negativity against you can help you discover a not so pleasing side of your personality. Take in all these things and use them to improve yourself. Know the value of distancing yourself from the situation for a little while, enough to take time to reflect on it and realize whether or not you are also part of the problem, and what can you do to better the situation – more importantly, yourself.

4.“It’s not you, it’s them”

I always think about this, whenever I sense that people are intentionally trying to put me down, I just let them do what they want to do (well, unless they hurt me physically). They might have some unresolved issues deep down. I don’t want to validate their opinion of me or feed their need for drama by acting against them. Just breathe, and pray for their peace.

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5. Develop a positive sense of self.

More often than not, the reason some people get upset so quickly is that they themselves don’t feel good about their own skin. When other people attack them, their egos are hurt because the remark given to them is touching a sensitive area of their individuality. This is why it is so important to develop your self-esteem so your understanding of other people’s destructive behavior against you would become more flexible.

Be thankful that you are not on the other side of sending out negativity into this world.

 Just live and breathe. Move in bliss. 

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