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The Best Version of Yourself is Who You are Right Now

We are constantly working on becoming the very best versions of ourselves we can possibly be, but what if I tell you, you already are the best version of yourself.

I know it might sound crazy to think that, but it’s true. Year after year, you keep evolving, becoming this amazing, incredible person you are today!

Why you already are the best version of yourself.

Think about it for a second, you’ve been working to become better and better for years now, so why is it so hard to believe you have already accomplished so much? Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but as of today, you are great.

If you really think about it, all of your past experiences have shaped you into who you are today. All you have been through, all that you have done, it has driven you to become who you are today.

This means you have learned from all of the bad and the good experiences. You aren’t the same person you were one or two or even ten years ago, you are way, way better, more mature, a lot wiser.

Appreciate it for a  moment.

Sometimes, in our endless quest to become the very person we can possibly be, we tend to forget to appreciate who we are today. We forget to take the time to realize we have really come a long way.

We are so focused on looking into the future, we don’t realize today, right now, is more important. We fail to see how incredible it is that we have survived all the hard times in our lives and learned from them.

Realizing the person you are today is actually healthy, it is the very first step in accepting you already are the very best version of yourself you can be. You have grown (and you’ll keep doing so) but as of today, you are an amazing person who has learned so much from your previous experience that you made you who you are today.

You have already accomplished so much. Let that sink in.

Like I previously said, don’t lose yourself in the future that you lose sight of your present self. Rushing yourself into succeeding can lead you to the point of forgetting all the numerous things you’ve accomplished and overcome so far.

Who you are today didn’t happen overnight. It’s years and years of learning how to deal with both the bad and good sides of life that have taken you to where you are right now. Unknowingly (or maybe knowing exactly what you were doing) you have shaped yourself throughout the years.

Think about this: Are you better now than a year before? If your answer is yes, then that should be enough. You are only in a competition with yourself. You must pat your back when you think you have outdone your “yesterday self”. There’s no need for you to make a gauge out of other people’s achievements. Focus on what you can do, hone it, and just be proud of yourself.

A Thought

Keep working towards the future, but never forget all the things you’ve already amounted to. If you do this, you’ll realize you are so much further in life, there is no way you won’t see how an amazing person you already are! Work on becoming a better person in the future, just don’t forget you already are a great person now.

Of course, there is another better version of you in the future, but that is the best version of yourself -yet.

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  1. Erica

    i couldnt agree more… been feeling this way since.. i think i tend to compare myself last year and find that wow i did better.. i learned a lot and applied all the learnings.. so now is the best version of me

  2. stacey

    Yes its all about staying the moment– not the past or the future. And appreciating and being grateful for what you have accomplished with the information you know at this very second.

  3. Katherine G Beck

    This is a great post. I think far too often people are constantly looking ahead instead of at the present…and you’re right, we have all accomplished so much already! It is always important to take a moment and realize what we have accomplished already.

  4. Mommy Sigrid

    I agree. There are days when I feel down in the dumps, like I am such a loser. But although I am not a billionaire or the most successful person, I know that I have achieved some things already. So I just need to keep appreciating everyday. It always matters if we have an attitude of gratitude.

  5. Helena

    I totally agree! We always working so hard to become more better and yet to see our accomplishments. Let’s not forget to appreciate ourselves for every little thing we do. Thanks so much for this

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