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Top 7 Tips you need to know (or you should have known) before you start working | Moving in Bliss

Starting up in a new job is something extremely exciting! New people, new surroundings, a whole new adventure. Balancing your work life, your social life, your love life and your “me” time can be quite challenging. So, before you dive head first into this new world, you might want to read this article first. Here is the things you need to know before you start your first job first job

#1: Make the calendar your best-friend.

If you haven’t noticed by now, your job will likely take up most of your time. But you know what’s a great way to plan your days ahead and make sure you can juggle everything? Writing them down. You’ll be able to schedule different activities, and you’ll be able to make time for everyone and everything. Writing a to do list is basically self-care for adults.
It’s very convenient to say yes and yes to all your friends who are inviting you to join exciting activities, not realizing that you’ve scheduled them all in one day so then you have to choose only one and cancel the rest. The best solution is to write them down in a calendar, digital or otherwise, whatever works for you. This way, you can best track all those activities you love to do.

#2: Never deep any of your foot in consumer debt.

Spending money you don’t really have always sounds great, until it is time to pay back with an interest rate that keeps going up, and things aren’t that fun anymore.
It’s very easy to be tempted to buy that LV purse or purchase a brand new car because “your salary can afford the installments”. Well, what will happen if (knock on wood) you, all of a sudden, lose your job?

If you can’t pay for it and just have enough money to pay the rent and buy food, then maybe you’ll want to think twice before purchasing anything. There’s nothing better than knowing your money is yours, and you don’t have debts you CAN’T truly pay. Number three is very important if you want to sustain a lavish lifestyle without being broke all the time:

#3: Learn about investments that give you passive income.

When joining the world of business and finances, you’ll realize how important learning about investment is. Knowing when to save, when to spend (and on what) can potentially increase your money in short and long term periods.

Also, remember to seek out for a passive income. Having a steady job is great, however, counting on a passive income means having a bit of extra money you can spend in fun things like going out, traveling or buying that really nice jean you want.

I will not dwell much on this, but I recommend reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki if you want to unlock the door in your mind containing your financial genius. It’s easy to find an extra income by working your ass off twice its capacity. But a smarter way to do it is to find ways how your money can work for you. Don’t hesitate to attend seminars that will train your mind to seek for passive income opportunities.
In the meantime,:

#4: Get an Insurance

I cannot stress this enough. Don’t make it an excuse that you can’t afford it, you can! What you can’t truly afford is the thought that anything bad can happen to you at any time, and your family will not have enough cushion to bounce back because the bread winner of the family is gone. Even if your family is not dependent on your salary, you still have to consider getting an insurance policy because it also works like a saving’s account but with higher interest rate.
There are some insurance companies that allow you to start a policy with only P1,500/month. Hey, that’s just 5 trips to Starbucks that you need to sacrifice.

#5: Discover the world. Save for travel.

A lot of people enroll on a steady job and focus so much in earning more and more money that they forget to save for something specific, to enjoy what they have earned.
Be smart and start saving up your money to discover the amazing world you live in! You can start by traveling somewhere near you, and as you save up more and more, you can visit new cities, new countries, new continents. The world is within your reach, if you are only willing to stretch your hand. Number 4 will really be of big help when you frequent traveling and take on those exciting adventures.

#6: Learn to make time for yourself.

It is normal to be so caught up in your new job you forget you actually have a life outside of it. Take some time off every day to sit down and simply be with yourself. I will have a separate post  about the habits we need to commit to in order to promote self-love, so please subscribe to be updated to the latest posts.

And the most important of all:


It’s very difficult to travel without a map. When you’re on a road trip, you will just conveniently ask Waze to show you the easiest way to get there. But in life, it’s not exactly true. There’s no life map. How ever hard you try to plan your life, sh*t just happens all the time, and you always have to rearrange your life to fit in with change. But one thing should always be constant —your goal, your biggest why, your final destination.
Without your vision of what LEGACY you want to leave in this world, it is very easy to go astray in this life. But if you start navigating with the “end” in mind, it will serve as your compass. Surely, you will actively seek opportunities to arrive at your destination. Sometimes, multiple opportunities just present themselves and you will drown trying to weigh which is best. If you have that end in mind, you will be able to filter those opportunities and choose what fits best to your “biggest why”.
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  1. Ivana

    I love what you said in number 5. I was just needing some change in my life lately and tomorrow I’m going to explore one city near my hometown. I’m so excited, and traveling is definitely something we should all do more often 🙂

    • moveinbliss

      Enjoy! Sometimes, we are thinking of going to far places for travel but it’s also exciting to discover places near our homeplace.

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